Community Training


Ackerman Institute for the Family is committed to bringing family therapy theory and skills to workers and therapists in the community who are providing services and therapy to families struggling with a broad range of needs. Currently, Ackerman provides on-going training to many agencies throughout the metropolitan area who are serving families, including the Jewish Child Care Association (JCCA), St. Dominic’s Home, Green Chimney’s Children’s Services, CAMBA, and The Adolescent Portable Therapy (APT) at the Vera Institute.


Trainings are specifically designed to meet the learning needs of staff, and can be provided as a one-time event, or as a more intensive series of several full or half-day trainings. Case consultations and/or live case consultations can be included in any training series. All of the presentations integrate ideas from family systems theory and the Ackerman Relational Approach. Additionally, presenting faculty members show relevant video of family therapy sessions, highlighting teaching points. The following list provides a sample of possible workshop topics:

1)      An Overview of Family Therapy: The Ackerman Relational Approach

2)      Developing and Facilitating Multi-Family Groups

3)      Engaging Challenging Parents in Treatment

4)      Working with Latency Age Children-  Tools for Making Therapy Fun

5)      Working with Families Struggling with Substance Abuse

6)      A Systemic Approach to Working with Families in Foster Care

7)      Treating Children with Relational Trauma

8)      Early Child Development and Parenting Processes

9)      Family Therapy with Children Under Five

10)   Treating Adolescents and Their Families

11)   Working with Couples

12)   Working with Families with Serious, Chronic and/or Life Threatening Illness

13)   Gender Variance and Family Therapy

14)   Working with Families and Sexual Abuse

15)   Tools for Helping Parents Manage Children’s Behavioral Struggles

16)   Mental Illness and the Family

To plan a workshop  or training program tailored for your agency please contact:

Catherine Lewis

212 879-4900, ext 135