Living in a Pornified World

True or false: porn desensitizes people to genuine intimacy? Or wait, true or false: porn use is a normal, healthy expression of human sexuality? Porn is a confusing and polarizing topic that can easily trigger therapists’ negative counter-transference. But the fact is that people in the United States visit more porn sites each month than they do Amazon, Netflix, and Twitter combined. Critics of porn will tell us that all this just goes to show we’re living in a “porn-addicted” society, but we’re living in a “porn-phobic” one as well. As therapists, we are on the front lines of helping clients address effects of porn on self-regulation and relationships.

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  • 03/24/2017
    2017-03-24T10:00:00-04:00  - 2017-03-24T16:00:00-04:00