Loving with ADHD

ADHD can create havoc in couples and drive many into therapy. Nonetheless, the presence of ADHD, and its potential to overtly and covertly undermine a relationship, is easily overlooked by both the couples therapist and the romantic partners. The therapeutic arena is further complicated because interventions that may help other couples are ineffective and even counter-productive with couples whose conflicts are driven by ADHD.

Stephanie Manes, LCSW, Esq, will help participants identify when and how ADHD may be causing disruption and disconnection in a couple and will offer a treatment model geared toward helping the couple, adopt effective behavioral strategies and (re)build empathic connections. This workshop will address the common ways that ADHD driven behaviors can create chaos, frustration, and emotional disconnection in a partnership and review some of the latest neurobiological findings in ADHD, to help participants better grasp how ADHD shapes behaviors and emotional processes in ways that impact adult partnerships.

Using case presentations and a discussion of theory and technique, Stephanie show participants a model of treatment that promotes both change and acceptance. Moving away from a “fairness economy” blueprint to a “work with what you’ve got” model, participants will learn how to coach couples to adopt concrete modifications that will help them work with, rather than against, the ADHD. The workshop will address how to move away from the division of responsibilities towards a strengths-based model, and how to cue transitions into a connection.

stephanie-manesStephanie Manes, LCSW, Esq
, is Adjunct Faculty, Ferkauf Graduate School of Psychology, Clinical Associate, Ackerman Center for Families and Health, Former Consultant, Hallowell Center, Member of Research Committee, Section VIII (Couples and Families) of Division 39 of the APA, Candidate at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Study of Subjectivity, Graduate of the Ackerman Institute for Families, NYU Silverman School of Social Work and Brooklyn Law School. In addition to teaching and consulting, Stephanie also maintains a private practice in New York City, offering couples and individual therapy as well as divorce mediation services.

Date: Friday, January 13, 2017
Time: 10 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Tuition: $135
CEUs for NYS: 6
CEUs for NASW – CT: 5

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