Personal Best Summer Intensive: Adult Development and Sensitive Parenting for At-Risk Families with Young Children


This intensive workshop prepares participants to implement Personal Best, a 16 session group curriculum and Home Visiting Guide for individual sessions. The training will focus on adult development as well as parent-child and family relationships. Personal Best is a theory-driven prevention program that promotes parent mental health, social support, healthy coping and sense of self-efficacy in multiple roles. Sessions are divided into four modules that address different areas of role functioning: (1) role strain, (2) parenting, (3) relationships, and (4) work/productive activity.

Through a combination of lecture, discussion, videotape, role play and experiential exercises, participants will: 1) enhance their knowledge of the multiple influences on parent well-being and the parent-child relationship;  2) understand the impact of stress on parenting behavior and the developing child; 3) help parents develop the capacities to promote their child’s development; 4) learn how to individualize goal setting activities to promote mastery and family self-sufficiency; and 5) develop skills to facilitate groups.

Judy Grossman, DrPH, OTR, Associate Director of Ackerman’s Center for the Developing Child and Family and Director of Ackerman’s Resilient Families: Children with Special Needs Project. In addition to her family therapy practice, Dr. Grossman is adjunct faculty at NYU’s Department of Occupational Therapy; public health and special education consultant and policy analyst; and creator of the Personal Best prevention program for parents.

Dates: Wednesday-Friday, July 6, 7, 8, 2016
Time: 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Tuition: $670
CE Credits: 16.5


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For any questions, contact:
Brenda Nikelsberg
212-879-4900 ext. 108