“Why is this Happening to My Child?” Family Therapy with Young Adults with Serious Mental Illnesses (SMI)

The onset of a serious psychiatric illness such as major depression or bi-polar illness is a powerfully complex experience for young adults and their families. The young adult and members of the family are often unprepared to deal with the symptoms that impair day-to-day functioning. Managing the emotional reactions to the troubling behaviors that are consistent with a psychiatric disorder, while helping a young adult handle them, can be overwhelming, often leaving family members feeling confused, guilty, angry, and frightened. Using cases and research from evidence-based and systemic-relational therapies, this workshop will demonstrate how therapists can help family members, and the young adult struggling with the emergence of a serious mental illness, regain a sense of control, competence, and connection.

Presented by Mary Kim Brewster, LCSW and Lois Braverman, LCSW

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  • Digging Deeper: Working with Unfinished Business in Individuals, Couples and Families
    January 26, 2018
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm