More Gala: Honoring RayLign, LLC

Board Chair, John O’Neill presents
award to Gregory Rogers of RayLign

Board Chair, John O’Neill, presented the 2012 Ackerman Corporate Partner Award to fellow board member Gregory T. Rogers, Founder and President of RayLign, LLC, in recognition of the company’s commitment to strengthening families and its unwavering support of the Ackerman Institute for the Family.

In Greg’s words: “The day to day challenges that face families are dynamic, varied and complex. To accept an award from Ackerman is acknowledgement that our firm has met a high standard for empathy, creativity and competency helping families overcome the everyday challenges confronting family well being. My team at RayLign, and our clients, have grown tremendously through our working partnership with Ackerman. We are truly honored to accept Ackerman’s Corporate Partner Award.

Gregory Rogers of RayLign, LLC,
Recipient of the Ackerman
Corporate Partner Award

Greg joined the board of directors in 2006, serving as chairman from 2008-2011, and he continues to provide his leadership, guidance and support to benefit the families we serve at the Ackerman Institute.

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