Playing For Keeps: Engaging the Power of Play in Couple Therapy

Most couple relationships begin with a lot of play. In play, we engage the multiple ways to perform our identity and relationships. Often play is one of the first things to go when couples find themselves in a tough spot. What we need when situations get serious, paradoxically, is play. But what is play? How do couples play? How do you play as a couple’s therapist? How do we take play beyond technique and make it a way of being in our lives? Dr. Saliha Bava explore how to develop play as a presence and as a creative activity by focusing on the self of the therapist. Participants will exercise their risk-taking and creativity muscles in therapy by exploring their relationship to uncertainty and how to engage the emergent while being present to not-knowing and context. Learn exercises for assessment and pattern breaking in couple’s therapy. The interactive workshop will challenge you on how to be playfully serious and seriously playful at the same time. Join us and experience a difference in your practice with couples (and maybe in your own life!) Come let’s play!

Presented by Saliha Bava, PhD, LMFT

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  • November 10, 2017
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm