The Money Factor and Couple Therapy

Many of the issues we deal with as clinicians touch on the powerful issue of money. As therapists we almost always shy away from pursuing the thread of financial matters with clarity and purpose. When revealed, this last taboo of therapy tells a compelling story that sheds light on ingrained patterns of interaction and operating premises of couples. Looking at everyday, unaddressed money issues in a new and direct way provides a window to understand relational patterns that can make or break couples. It gives new perspectives on life cycle events like death, divorce and remarriage, and allows for reconfiguring how one both constructively manages and communicates, or destructively act out financial matters. Participants will leave this workshop with tools to pursue financial discussions with couples, and an understanding of your own personal relationship to money. The Ackerman Relational Approach is employed, with specific focus on money, gender, and the nature of relationships.

Presented by Judy Stern Peck, LCSW

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  • The Money Factor and Couple Therapy
    January 12, 2018
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm