Jennifer Murayama

Jennifer Murayama, LCSW is a member of the teaching faculty at The Ackerman Institute for the Family. A graduate of Columbia University’s School of Social Work and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Jennifer has over 16 years of direct practice experience working with children and families within community-based agencies and schools in NYC. 

Jennifer has completed several years of post-graduate training at The Minuchin Center for the Family and is an alumni of Ackerman’s externship program. For nearly a decade, she has held supervisory and management roles at Brooklyn Community Services, which operates child abuse prevention programs in some of the neighborhoods with the highest rates of child maltreatment in New York City.  The bulk of her career has focused on training and supporting novice clinicians to go against the grain- to apply a family-centered and systemic lens to their work in a range of service contexts that treat problems individually- child welfare, education, mental health, etc.  

Jennifer has had extensive training in Structural Family Therapy and has been constantly inspired by its robust power to facilitate healing within families by challenge systems to correct themselves.  Jennifer is also very passionate about creating learning and working spaces that foster a sense of community, generosity, and authenticity and nurture supported self-care and grace.

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