Sippio Small

Sippio M Small,LCSW-R, Sippio M. Small, LCSW-R, was Co-Director of the Ackerman Institute’s Social Work and Diversity Program. He and his colleagues Laurie Kaplan and the late Ruth Mohr created the program in 1992. Mr. Small’s affiliation with the Ackerman Institute began in 1989. He was a live clinical and externship supervisor and a member of the following projects: AIDS/HIV, Making Families Safe for Children, Substance Abuse, and Community Training.

Mr. Small was a licensed clinical social worker with over 30 years of post-master’s experience in working with children, adolescent, adults and elderly in a variety of community-based mental health and educational settings, residential and out patient drug treatment programs, diagnostic and residential treatment programs and preventive service agencies. He was a graduate of the Hunter College School of Social Work with a post graduate certification in family therapy from their post masters program in advanced clinical social work. Mr. Small was a family therapy instructor/clinical supervisor for Hunter’s post masters program. He had extensive experience in clinical supervision, program planning and administration, staff development, organizing and facilitating multifamily groups and direct practice with individuals, couples, families, and groups.

Mr. Small presented on the following topics: parenting, substance abuse, HIV/ AIDS, incest, working with children and parents of color in public and private schools, grandparents as primary care providers, and family therapy training for graduate and post-graduate students of color. Laurie Kaplan and Sippio Small published an article entitled “Multi-Racial Recruitment in the Field of Family Therapy: An Innovative Training Program for People of Color,” Family Process (2005). Mr. Small maintained a private practice working with individuals, couples, and families, and provided mentorship, supervision and consultation on a variety of clinical issues.

Sippio Small passed away in December 2019.

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