Nicole Avallone

Nicole Avallone, LCSW, is clinical social worker, trainer and educator with nearly 20 years of direct practice and management experience in LGBTQ and youth settings. Her most recent roles include serving as Director of Youth Services, and later Deputy Director of Programs and Policy, at the NYC Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Community Center. She now provides psychotherapy in private practice, as well as consultation on a range of progressive causes. Nicole has trained thousands of people on best practices in working with LGBTQ communities, with a focus on providing core training on gender identity and expression, as well as strategies for more effectively engaging family support.

Nicole obtained her Masters in Social Work from NYU in 2004, where she currently teaches group work practice to aspiring (and inspiring) social workers. She lives in Brooklyn with her incredible partner and two adorable cats, has a passion for all things crafty (from afghans to apple butter), and recently discovered the joys of improv theater.


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