Level One Theraplay & Marschak Interaction Model (MIM)

This course is co-sponsored with the Theraplay Institute 

Children who have lived in unsafe environments, with inconsistent/ impaired caregivers or who have endured multiple losses may not be able to overcome these traumatic experiences without some type of intervention. Theraplay is a psychotherapy that focuses on the parent-child relationship as a vehicle to heal problems of trust, hyperarousal and connection in both children and parents.

Special features of this training:

  • Using video, participants will see a demonstration of treatment of a real client family including the MIM assessment, feedback to the parents and several Theraplay sessions
  • The training is interactive, intense and practical—participants will leave with the knowledge and skills to begin using Theraplay in their work
  • It features video of Theraplay treatment with many different clients in addition to the demonstration family
  • The training includes interactive sessions to practice a variety of Theraplay activities
  • The training concludes with the creation of a treatment plan for one of your own clients and a chance to practice it for feedback

Learning Objectives for Level One Theraplay & MIM:

  • Administer the MIM and analyze it at a beginning level.
  • List 3 goals to be achieved during a MIM feedback sessionwith parents.
  • Utilize the MIM as a guide for treatment planning.
  • Describe the four dimensions of Theraplay, a modality of play therapy.
  • Demonstrate one activity from each dimension: Structure, Engagement, Nurture and Challenge.
  • Describe 3 possible ways of adapting Theraplay treatment to meet the needs of a child with complex trauma.
  • Describe how to guide parents to participate in a Theraplay treatment session.

Dates: Tuesday, July 25 – Friday, July 28, 2017

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