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Peter Steinglass and the Alcoholism Project, (2000)



The Ackerman Institute, Constance Scharf, (1995) Using a clinical illustration of a family systems approach to treatment, this video offers a framework for understanding the emotional and psychological impact of infertility upon couples who have sought unsuccessfully to conceive.



Evan Imber-Black, (2006) In this illuminating video, Evan Imber-Black, an expert on rituals, larger systems, and family secrets, speaks to viewers about the implications of secrets, and presents techniques for ushering families through the process of identifying, understanding, and resolving secrets.



Peggy Papp and the Depression Project, (1996) This emotionally compelling video features a series of real clinical sessions in which the Depression Project’s treatment team works with a severely depressed couple.



Olga Silverstein, (1996) In this moving and at times deeply personal DVD from the Ackerman Institute for the Family, Olga Silverstein–internationally renowned therapist, teacher, and author–presents a compelling vision for connection, possibility, and change in the mother-son relationship.



Different Kinds of Love
John Patten, MD and Dava Weinstein, MSW, (1998) Actual recordings of five-session treatment sequence with a lesbian mother, her 9 year old son and her partner. Mother and co-mom have requested guidance with helping their son understand the nature of their relationship. Please contact our video department for a copy of this video at



Who’s Depressed?
Olga Silverstein, MSW, (1985) Who’s Depressed? features a family unable to make the transition from “family with children” to “family with young adults.” Famed therapist Olga Silverstein confronts the family with multiple communications that alternately advocate stability and chance. Please contact our video department for a copy of this video at



Daughter Who Said No
Peggy Papp, LCSW, (1978)Renowned family therapist Peggy Papp treats a family presenting with a 23-year-old anorexic daughter. She creates a therapeutic triangle between the therapist, family, and the consultation group as the “Greek Chorus.” The work is broken down into stages and shows the step by step process of therapy over the course of a year. Please contact our video department for a copy of this video at



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