Ackerman to Celebrate Juneteenth

Dear Ackerman Community,

As you know, Juneteenth is approaching us. This day is the oldest nationally celebrated commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Every year the celebration is heavy with complex emotions. This year the celebration is tinged with pain as we remember George Floyd and the countless others who have been murdered due to bigotry. Racism is still alive and breathing in our world. Alongside this outrage, our streets are filled with protesters who continue to demand justice and peace. We are reminded that our work continues and that we must all participate in rooting out Anti-Blackness and racism.

Starting this year, Juneteenth will be observed as an official holiday at the Institute on June 19th. Our offices and all business related to Ackerman will be closed. We understand that there is a workshop scheduled for that day and some projects or centers may have scheduled work. If possible, we encourage our community members to take time off. We understand that this one small gesture does not eradicate the inequities felt by our Black community members and by other members of color; their wounds run deep. We are committed to examining past racial injustices and will work with the community to address these.

We invite the entire Ackerman community to observe this day in reflection, celebration, or to participate in activism.

Martha Fling
President & CEO

Kiran Arora
Vice President of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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