Training Overview

Workshops [Online]

Expert therapists lead family therapy
workshops on a wide range of topics.
CE Contact Hours available.
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Core Courses

Ackerman offers post-graduate
courses in family systems theory
and technique.
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Short Courses

Brief intensives on specialized
family therapy topics.
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Community Training

We are committed to bringing family
therapy theory and skills to workers
and therapists in the community.
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Social Work & Diversity Program

Ackerman’s internship
program for graduate social work
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International Training

The International Training Program
provides expert training in family
therapy to partners in several countries.
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Webinars [Archived]

Pre-recorded webinars
created in partnership with FPI.
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Frequently asked questions
about tuition, financial aid, refunds,
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For More Information, Contact:
Ackerman Institute Training Department
936 Broadway, 2nd Floor
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Upcoming Workshops

  • Free Event for Parents | Parenting Stress During COVID: Keeping You & Your Children Hopeful [Online]

    This online event for parents presented by Dr. Eliana Gil will introduce play as a way for families to communicate during times of stress and joy. From the challenges of homeschooling, to economic hardships, and isolation from friends and family, this workshop will help parents and kids use play to express their worries and fears.

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  • Ackerman 60th Anniversary Conference: Play and Creativity in Family Therapy [Online]

    Celebrate with us at this full day professional symposium featuring innovative workshops, a special retrospective by Dr. Evan Imber-Black, and a keynote presentation by Dr. Eliana Gil.

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  • Connecting with Clients across Cultural Differences [Online]

    In this workshop, participants will learn about common difficulties faced by therapists when establishing therapeutic relationships with clients from whom they differ, as well as strategies to overcome these challenges and establish strong therapeutic relationships.

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  • Healing the Healer: Compassion and the Therapist’s Way of Embracing Grief [Online]

    Join us for this 3-hour experiential workshop to explore mind-body practices informed by contemplative psychotherapy and Indigenous Focusing-Oriented Therapy (IFOT) to work with grief in its many forms.

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  • Cyclical Psychodynamics (CP) and the Vulnerability Cycle (VC): A Seamless Shift between Individual and Couple Therapy [Online]

    This workshop will first address questions and dilemmas that might arise when therapists are holding an either/or perspective of individual vs. couple therapies.

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  • Parenting Children with Special Needs: Family Relationships & Family Life [Online]

    The first part of the workshop will focus on potential challenges in the parent-child, co-parenting, sibling, or extended family relationships. The second part of the workshop will include family narratives that illustrate how family routines, daily life and special occasions are impacted by disability.

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  • Core Curriculum in Couple and Family Therapy

    Enrollment is now open! Our core curriculum training program provides top-tier clinical experience and online learning. Apply now and gain the skills you need to succeed as a couple and family therapist. The deadline to apply is May 1st, 2021.

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Enrollment is Open for Our Core Curriculum in Family TherapyLearn More
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