Training Overview

Workshops [Online]

Expert therapists lead family therapy
workshops on a wide range of topics.
CE Contact Hours available.
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Core Courses

Ackerman offers post-graduate
courses in family systems theory
and technique.
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Short Courses

Brief intensives on specialized
family therapy topics.
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Community Training

We are committed to bringing family
therapy theory and skills to workers
and therapists in the community.
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Social Work & Diversity Program

Ackerman’s internship
program for graduate social work
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International Training

The International Training Program
provides expert training in family
therapy to partners in several countries.
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Webinars [Archived]

Pre-recorded webinars
created in partnership with FPI.
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Frequently asked questions
about tuition, financial aid, refunds,
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For More Information, Contact:
Ackerman Institute Training Department
936 Broadway, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10010

Upcoming Workshops

  • Parenting Teens Through Stressful Times: Balancing Structure and Support
    [Free Parent Webinar]

    In this free parent and caregiver webinar we will discuss specific strategies parents can use to help their teenaged children readjust to our ever changing world.

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  • Adoptive Families: Exploring Identity, Loss, and Connection [Free Parent Webinar]

    This free webinar will engage adoptive parents and caregivers in exploring themes around complex multilayered identity development, processing and understanding loss and grief in adoption, and supporting connection and resilience in parenting. We will explore the concept of openness as well as parenting with a social and racial justice lens.

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  • They’re Out, Now What? Supporting Your LGBTQ Child [Free Parent Webinar]

    This webinar is designed for caregivers and parents of children of any age. We will cover some important LGBTQ terms to know, considerations for each age group, things you can do to support your child to be safe and thrive in all of their identities, and when to consider enlisting the help of a mental health or medical provider.

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  • Promoting Child & Family Resilience During Difficult Times [Free Parent Webinar]

    This webinar will help parents feel more confident and competent to handle everyday stress as well as chronic challenges that affect family life and family relationships. The topics will include mitigating risk and strengthening support, coping and problem solving skills. Parents will learn specific strategies to promote parent and child self-regulation, the most important quality for a peaceful home.

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  • Protecting Your Child from Sexual Abuse
    [Free Parent Webinar]

    This child sexual abuse prevention webinar will teach you how to keep your child safe from sexual abuse as well as how to respond if your child makes a disclosure. Due to more kids having access to the internet as a result of COVID-19 and remote learning, special focus will be given to online sexual abuse prevention.

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  • The Emotions of Parenting [Free Parent Webinar]

    This webinar will look at the purpose of emotions and how they underlie our effective, satisfying, and zesty living. We will discuss why they are so hard, at times, to allow in ourselves and in others: what is so difficult, scary, or overwhelming about emotion? And we will learn and practice some practical strategies for connecting to emotion so that they can be helpful guides for parenting and other relationships.

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