Training Overview



Expert therapists lead family therapy
workshops on a wide range of topics.
CE Contact Hours available.
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Core Courses

Ackerman offers post-graduate
courses in family systems theory
and technique.
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Short Courses

Brief intensives on specialized
family therapy topics.
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Community Training

We are committed to bringing family
therapy theory and skills to workers
and therapists in the community.
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Social Work & Diversity Program

Ackerman’s internship
program for graduate social work
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International Training

The International Training Program
provides expert training in family
therapy to partners in several countries.
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Online trainings led by family therapy
professionals in partnership with FPI.
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Frequently asked questions
about tuition, financial aid, refunds,
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For More Information, Contact:
Ackerman Institute Training Department
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Upcoming Workshops, Webinars, and Short Courses

  • Foundations of Family Therapy

    This 30-week introductory course prepares mental health professionals with the foundation for more advanced training in couple and family therapy. This course is part of the Ackerman Core Curriculum.

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  • Ackerman Core Curriculum in Family Therapy

    Our most comprehensive family therapy training program. Ackerman’s Core Curriculum provides top-tier clinical experience and classroom learning to give you the skills you need to succeed as a couple and family therapist today.

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  • When the Music Stops: Understanding the Unique Contributions of Therapy, Mediation and Collaborative Divorce When Marriage Comes To an End

    In this workshop, participants will learn to use their capacities to come alongside conflict and hold multiple perspectives to help couples at this complex juncture.

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  • Working with Traumatized Teens: Weathering your own Triggers

    In this workshop, Dr. Straus will describe Developmental-Relational Therapy (DRT), an attachment-based model of adolescent trauma treatment.

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  • Working with Reactivity in Couples and Families: A Buddhist Psychological Approach to Strong Emotion

    Through the use of presentation, experiential exercises and videotape, this training will explore ways to work skillfully with aroused emotional states, decreasing harmful affective responses and cultivating more balanced, generative responses.

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  • The Money Factor and Couple Therapy

    This workshop will provide participants with tools to pursue financial discussions with couples and an understanding of their personal relationship to money.

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  • Adult Sibling Relationships: Affectionate, Ambivalent, & Ambiguous

    Based on survey data and in-depth case studies of more than 260 siblings over the age of 40 (as described in Dr. Greif’s book, Adult Sibling Relationships, Columbia University Press), this workshop offers vital direction for transversing the emotional terrain of adult sibling relations.

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