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Expert therapists lead family therapy
workshops on a wide range of topics.
CE Contact Hours available.
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Core Courses

Ackerman offers post-graduate
courses in family systems theory
and technique.
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Short Courses

Brief intensives on specialized
family therapy topics.
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Community Training

We are committed to bringing family
therapy theory and skills to workers
and therapists in the community.
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Social Work & Diversity Program

Ackerman’s internship
program for graduate social work
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International Training

The International Training Program
provides expert training in family
therapy to partners in several countries.
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Online trainings led by family therapy
professionals in partnership with FPI.
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Frequently asked questions
about tuition, financial aid, refunds,
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For More Information, Contact:
Ackerman Institute Training Department
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Upcoming Workshops, Webinars, and Short Courses

  • From Placement Through Adoption: Attachment Bonds, Loyalty Binds, and Questions of Identity

    In this workshop, members of Ackerman’s Foster Care and Adoption Project (FCAP) will present an approach to working with families involved in various stages of the foster care system and adoption, highlighting strategies to help foster parents, adoptive parents, birth parents, and caseworkers relieve children of relational dilemmas and the behavior problems that result from such binds.

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  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Couples

    This workshop will teach how to adapt cognitive behavior therapy to the treatment of couples. Therapists will learn how to conceptualize common relationship difficulties in the context of the cognitive model and how to navigate the complex interaction of thoughts, feelings and behaviors that transpire within romantic partnerships.

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  • Family Therapy with Young Adults with Serious Mental Illness

    Using cases and research from evidence-based and systemic-relational therapies, this workshop will demonstrate how therapists can help family members regain a sense of control, connection, and calm in the face of an emerging mental illness.

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  • Healing the Healer: The Restorative Power of Mindfulness, Compassion, and Therapist’s Use-of-Self

    This workshop integrates the spirit of these two passages to create a day-long experiential and reflective healing space for therapists working within cultural contexts rife with personal and collective traumas of systemic oppression and colonization in the United States.

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