Celebrating Women’s History Month

March is Women’s History Month. This year we celebrate the first Black and South Asian woman to become Vice President of the United States. The election of Vice President Kamala Harris means that girls and women of all ages and races can see that they have the possibility to reach the upmost levels of leadership and that this country belongs to us all. Family therapy is committed to the recognition of all parts of a system, with special consideration to contextual influences, including the contributions that women make to couple and family life. Ackerman has had a historic and significant role in advancing women’s issues and feminism in family therapy. We honor the groundbreaking contributions women continue to make in the field. 

Photo: Kamala Harris, back row at left, in an undated family photo. Next to her, from left, are her grandmother Rajam Gopalan, grandfather P.V. Gopalan and sister, Maya Harris. With them are Maya’s daughter, Meena, left, and Harris’ cousin Sharada Balachandran Orihuela. (Courtesy of Sharada Balachandran Orihuela)

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