A Complex Approach to the Systemic Therapist: The Crisol Model

Psychotherapists can benefit greatly from mind-body practices rooted in yoga, Qigong, and Buddhist meditation. Coherent Breathing with gentle movements and Open Focus Attention Training are highly effective self-regulation techniques that help relieve anxiety and insomnia, improve mental focus, increase feelings of well-being, activate social engagement systems, and enhance capacities for bonding, closeness, and empathy. Coherent Breathing involves slow gentle rhythmic breathing and mindfulness of breath. With practice, it can be done during daily activities to enhance and optimize brain, heart and lung function, while stimulating the nervous system’s relaxation response. Open Focus training complements Coherent Breathing. Through the experience of repeated rounds of breathwork and meditation, gentle movement and small group interactions, participating therapists will discover these benefits. The neuroscience of breath practices and supporting research will be presented. The discussion of how to integrate these practices with psychotherapy will include case examples. Those interested in learning how to teach these practices to clients will obtain information on tools and opportunities for such training.

Presented by Javier Vicencio, MD, Judith Gomez de Leon, MFT, and Flora Auron Zaltzman, PhD

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  • A Complex Approach to the Systemic Therapist: The Crisol Model
    June 8, 2018
    10:00 am - 4:00 pm