Therapists of Color Consultation Project

While there is a lot of literature on cross-racial therapeutic relationships and multiculturalism in the field of family therapy, the vantage point is typically from working as white therapists. Resources and knowledge for family therapists of color are scarce and much needed.

The Therapists of Color Consultation Project is comprised of therapists of color who consult with each other, observe live therapy sessions, and dialogue on issues specific to working as clinicians of color. Issues explored include microaggressions with white clients, understanding how internalized racism manifests in the therapeutic context, and the dynamics between people of color from different races in the therapeutic relationships.


1. Generate knowledge on working as clinicians of color
2. Generate teaching materials, including video recordings of therapy sessions
3. Develop presentations
4. Increase collaborations, mentorship opportunities, and a sense of community amongst family therapists of color

Project Director:
Julia Chan, LCSW

Project Clinicians:
Marissa Moore, LMHC
Walter Vega, LCSW

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