Apply Now: Post-Master’s Certificate Program in Couples Therapy

Couple Therapy Certificate Program

Ackerman Institute for the Family is launching a new Post-Master’s Certificate in Couples Therapy, which will meet in-person for 8 weeks beginning October 2024. The program specifically focuses on working with couples from impasse to intimacy.

The course is led by internationally acclaimed faculty Michele Scheinkman, Jean Malpas, Suzanne Iasenza, Mary Kim Brewster, and Keren Ludwig.

This intensive course will provide practitioners with a unifying theoretical foundation and road map for couples’ therapy.

Based on the concept of the vulnerability cycle and a multi-level framework, this intersectional map will focus on an integrated systemic/intrapsychic approach to help couples disentangle their gridlocks and move from impasses to intimacy. Special attention will be given to the individual psychology of each partner, power dynamics, and sociocultural and intergenerational factors that inform the partners emotional positions and interactions. Classes will focus on theory, specific interventions, video demonstrations and case discussions. This in-person program will train clinicians on how to work with common challenges couples face today related to dilemmas of communication, intimacy, sexuality, infidelity, open relationships, gender traps, money matters, division of labor, and interracial/intercultural dynamics. Video demonstrations and case presentations will offer a platform for learning and discussion.

Certificate Program Course Dates

Ackerman’s Post-Master’s Certificate Program in Couples Therapy meets at the Ackerman Institute for the Family on Mondays from 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm (ET) for eight (8) weeks, beginning October 07, 2024, and ending December 09, 2024.

Continuing Education (CE) Credits & Tuition

The Post-Master’s Certificate Program in Couples Therapy will provide up to 24 CE credits. To be eligible for our Post-Master’s Certificate Program in Couples Therapy, you must have a graduate degree in a licensable mental health profession. Tuition for the 2024-2025 academic year is $1,800.00.


Applications are now open for the certificate program. The deadline for application submission is September 30, 2024

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