The Gender & Family Project Trainings

The Ackerman Institute’s Gender & Family Project (GFP) offers gender-inclusive training, consultation, and educational resources to schools, companies, and nonprofit organizations.

Our collaborative training programs engage with your community to help deepen their understanding of gender diversity and its connection to support and safety in all academic, professional, and community settings.

School Trainings

GFP offers consultation, training, and resources to create gender-inclusive schools. Programs aim at collaborating with the school administration, faculty, and families to deepen their understanding of gender diversity and its connection to academic and emotional success for all students. GFP offers support to schools seeking to create and enhance an atmosphere of respect and safety where optimal learning can be achieved by all.

School training and consultation topics can include:

  • Creating Gender-Inclusive Schools and Curriculum
  • Gender Diversity in Children & Adolescents
  • Facilitating Discussions on Gender & Sexuality w/ Parents
  • Gender-Inclusive Sex Education
  • Anti-Bullying in School
  • Implementing DOE Guidelines for Transgender Students
  • Supporting a Student’s Transition
  • Gender-Inclusive Sports & Physical Education
  • Administrative & Frontline Staff Training
  • Creating a Gender-Inclusive Workplace

GFP can support your school in understanding and implementing the NYC Department of Education’s and Independent School’s Guidelines for Transgender Students by evaluating your school or your child’s school’s level of gender inclusivity.

School Training Resources

For more information, please download the Transgender Guidelines for Schools and GFP School Action Plan below. You can use these resources to start evaluating where your school is now with gender equity:

GFP School Action Plan

NYC DOE Transgender Guidelines

National Association of Independent Schools Transgender Guidelines

New York State Transgender Guidelines for Schools

Professional Trainings

GFP aims to work with the whole community and any organizations that children, adolescents, and families interact with to create a gender inclusive environment. We also work with nonprofits who want to improve their capacity for gender equity for staff and clients.

Training and consultation topics can include:

  • Creating Gender-Inclusive Clinical Practices
  • Administrative & Frontline Staff Training
  • Gender-Inclusive Healthcare
  • Engaging Families in Care
  • Creating a Gender-Inclusive Workplace
  • Review of Anti-Discrimination Policy
  • Addressing Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms & Facilities

Corporate Trainings

GFP offers training and consultation to companies in order to improve the internal capacity for gender equity. Creating a more gender equitable workplace creates a more inclusive, safe and forward thinking culture in the work place.

  • Best Practices for Creating a Gender-Inclusive Workplace
  • Review of Anti-Discrimination Policy
  • Establishing Gender-Inclusive Hiring Practices
  • Supporting an Employee’s Transition
  • Allyship is a Verb: Understanding the Needs & Issues of Transgender Clients & Employees
  • Supporting Gender- & Sexuality-Based Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) & Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)
  • Addressing Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms & Facilities

Additional Information

For more information about Gender & Family Project trainings please contact:

Ariel Emmanuel, Associate Director for Training, Gender & Family Project:

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