A Year in Review: Our 2021-2022 Impact Report:

Read about the Ackerman Institute’s far-reaching impact on families, therapists, and communities.

A Year in Review: Our 2021-2022 Impact Report:

Read about the Ackerman Institute’s far-reaching impact on families, therapists, and communities.

Our work remains strong and far-reaching, and as we step up to the increased demand for our services, Ackerman remains grounded in its founding vision to equip clinicians with the best tools and resources possible so that children, families, and couples benefit and keep moving forward. 

With tuition and treatment fees approximately 50% of real costs, your support helps to make all of our work possible and changes the lives for hundreds of families each year.

When we train one clinician, we help hundreds of families, and when we serve one family, the impact is deep and lasting. Thank you for your help to move families forward!

Ackerman Impact Report 2021-2022
"Human beings are wired to connect. When a connection is broken or abused, we suffer. When relationships are strong and nurtured, we thrive."
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– Ackerman Trainee Alum

Serving Families Where They Live, at a Cost They Can Afford

Served nearly 1,000 individual family members

Ackerman's approach to therapy connected families across New York State and beyond.

Treated a range of challenges affecting families

We confronted trauma, anxiety, substance use, suicide, and other critical issues.

Provided sliding scale or no-cost treatment

to any family seeking assistance

Delivered over 4,770 therapy sessions

Virtually and in person, to families in need.

Offered family therapy in 4 languages

Including: Arabic, English, Spanish, and Yemeni.

Accepted over 25 health insurance plans

Our network includes Medicaid, which provides health coverage to more than 7.3 million lower-income New Yorkers.

Filling the Shortage of Trained Mental Health Professionals in Communities that Need Them Most


Conducted 30 online training and education workshops and courses attended by over 1,000 mental health professionals

We trained professionals from 22 states and 6 countries on topics such as supporting LGBTQIA+ children, helping families navigate illness and disability, youth suicide prevention, and healing intergenerational trauma.

Improved access to mental health care in diverse communities by training more BIPOC clinicians in family therapy.

Some 50% of Ackerman’s student body identifies as black, indigenous, and other people of color (BIPOC), well above the 18% national average for BIPOC family therapists.

Approved as a continuing education provider for psychologists in New York State

We expanded access to family therapy training so that more mental health professionals can integrate family therapy approaches into their practices.

Educating the Community About the Need for Mental Health Support

Partnered with 29 community-based agencies in NYC and nationally

We trained social workers, direct care workers, and school staff members in innovative family therapy practices, and they in turn serve thousands of families each year.

Hosted free lectures and programs reaching over 4,000 people

Our programs celebrated Black History and Pride Months, and presented titles such as Relational Change in Families, Racial Trauma in Therapy, Transforming Life Narratives, Reflections on Hope in a Time of Global Despair, and Understanding the Self of the Therapist.

Hosted a monthly free webinar series for parents and caregivers, reaching nearly 500 families

Parents seeking support for their child’s mental health discovered topics such as, parenting teens through stressful times, supporting LGBTQIA+ children, promoting child and family resilience, the emotions of parenting, and more.

"Thank you so much for the collaboration with our organization. It was heartfelt and the material hit home for our social workers; it also promoted fellowship, which is something our profession needs more of. We all look forward to our future sessions with Ackerman."
—Ackerman Community Partner

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