Jeannie Ackerman Curhan

Jeannie Ackerman Curhan is the daughter of Ackerman Institute for the Family’s founder, Dr. Nathan W. Ackerman. Ms. Ackerman Curhan assumed Gwendolyn Ackerman’s (Mrs. Nathan Ackerman) board seat after Gwendolyn resigned from the Board due to ill health.

A graduate of the Simmons College School of Publications, Jeannie Ackerman Curhan worked in the advertising field and owned her own mail order business and gift boutique. She and her husband are supporters of and volunteers at the Boston Lyric Opera Company.

The mother of two sons and three step-daughters, she and her husband have eleven grandchildren! As Dr. Ackerman’s daughter and a member of the Ackerman Board of Directors, Jeannie represents a link of personal continuity with Dr. Ackerman and The Ackerman Institute for the Family.