Judith Stern Peck

Judy Stern Peck

Judith Stern Peck, LCSW has had extensive experience as both a family therapist and a consultant to family businesses, family foundations and family offices. She is Director of the Money and Family Life Project at the Ackerman Institute for the Family. She has been selected as a participant in the consultant referral service on the Council on Foundations’ Family Foundation Services department and has been given “Fellow” status by FFI, the professional organization for Family Business Consultants after her 20+ years of experience working with family businesses and family foundations.

As principle of JSP Associates, a firm designed to provide educational and consultation services to family businesses and family foundations, Ms. Peck has worked with multiple families in the real estate, manufacturing and printing industries as well as the asset management and philanthropic arena. She has done training with professionals as well as families through conferences, seminars and workshops. Her educational background includes a BA from Finch College and an MSW from Yeshiva University. She attended the Ackerman Institute for the Family for her post-graduate training.